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Canyoning training in Morocco, 2018

In each of us lies an adventurer


In each of us there is a sleeping adventurer. If you're reading this page, it means some adventurers is awakening, and he is seeking for adventures!


Explor'Addiction was born to invite you into the hidden universes that our world forms, to get you marveled with the originalities of nature while filling up with adrenaline. Believe us: you will gain more energy than you will lose. Our playgrounds will make you breathe, enrich you, amaze you.


The mountain, wherever it is, is our passion. Some say they prefer abseiling, other talking about geology, the craziest comes for the jumps, nature lovers especially love the play of light in these sublime gorges or underground, by the light of their headlamps.


We invite you to live a part of our daily life with us, in the sumptuous canyon gorges, or during fabulous underground explorations . Whatever you choose, there will be something for everyone and for all levels !

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