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Charlie BROSSE

Caving Guide

Passionate about caving for years, Charlie explored his first cave in 2015 in Puigcerda (Spain) and from then on, this activity became part of him and quickly turns into a passion! From then on he explored the local and border cavities: mud, cracks, nothing repelled him! When he is not underground, he searches for archaeological sites, crystals, fossils, all this mineral world fascinates him.

He trained in vertical techniques via the French Federation of Speleology ( FFS ), he learned a lot about the underground environment, its associated sciences, and he likes to share is knowledge (but not in English!). This is why he got his Federal Initiator in 2017.

Charlie is a real local, he was born at the foot of the Mont Canigou, in the Eastern Pyrenees! Trainee of the State Diploma in Caving of the Outdoor School of Vallon Pont d'Arc , he looks forward to sharing his passion and his scientific knowledge, and to supervise you in safety in the most beautiful caves of our department!

In the summer 2019, he works as a Tourist Guide in the famous Canalettes Cave , in Villefranche-de-Conflent, where he develops an activity combining history and caves: "the underground safari".

Addicted to many mountain sports such as canyoning, mountain biking, itinerant treks explores caves throughout France, Spain and feels a true explorer in New Zealand! He has very good skilling of direction, this is the strong point with Charlie, who will never get lost, neither in a cave, nor in the middle of the virgin forest!

His knowledge of the karst environment, his patience and his pedagogy make his outings an essential experience!


I was born in the flat country of Mayenne (north of France) and yet, I found out about the mountains since I was a teenager, when I specialized in river kayaking. It quickly become impossible to me no to live surrounded by mountains, and all the pleasure that goes with it. After many years traveling with my Translation Degree, I came back to France and worked as a secretary for diferent Outdoor Offices. I tried many mountain activities but kept canyoning as my favorite, decending many canyons in France and abroad. I participated and supervised canyoning training with the Federation. I took a liking to guiding people and got my Canyoning Degree with Montpellier Sport School (2016). I also organized two Canyon and Machete Expeditions in Colombia (2016 and 2017), during which many canyons were born. In 2016, I descended in a cave for the first time and loved it! I soon invested myself in the caving environment which amazes me every day. I got my "Initiator" (Federal Diploma) in 2017 and got my Caving Degree with  Vallon Pont d'Arc Outdoor School in 2019. Together with my partner, we spent our winter 2018 exploring the caves and canyons of New -Zealand, where our orientation in the middle of the forest has been severely tested. The southern forest landscapes reminded me of many trips to Chile, Argentina and the density and warm made sometimes me feel back in Colombia.

I spend a large part of my free time underground, in the canyons or imagining new ways of teaching and sharing our passion for these special activities.

Apart from our summer activity, where we like to raise awareness on the beauty of the caving world and its richness, we want to develop school projects, use this wonderful environment of caves to organize educational outings. We also want to play and travel: caving and canyoning allow you to surpass yourself, to safely push your limits, for half a  day or during a full week course.



Canyoning and Caving Guide



SIRET : 82114519000012

DDCS : 06617ED0061

RC PRO : 113 414 898

Syndicat: SNPSC

Membre actif du GPC66

Voir le diplôme DEJEPS spécialité canyonisme

Voir le diplôme DEJEPS spécialité spéléologie

Voir le Diplôme d'Initiateur Fédéral ici

Charlie BROSSE

SIRET : 85121545900013


RC PRO : 113 414 898

Syndicat: SNPSC

Voir le Diplôme d'Initiateur Fédéral ici

Voir le Diplôme de DEJEPS spécialité Spéléologie


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Each outing is one step closer to exploration. We propose trips on half-day and full day but also organize training camp. If you feel comfortable in the skin of the adventurer, why not come to a canyoning course ?

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