Level : Medium


En Cassa Cave


1/2 day

Parcours de spéléologie dans la grotte d'En Cassa - Pyrénées Orientales

Very beautiful underground network richly concretions with stalactites, draperies, columns with beautiful colors of crystals and rock. You progress standing, you trudge in the boulders, a few passages on 4 legs and 1 abseiling of 12m await you during this intermediate level caving course.

Caving activity near Prades, Perpignan, Font Romeu

3h30 *
from 10 years old

66500 RIA

* This approximated time includes the whole activity duration from car to car, with the logistic, equipment, hike to and back from the site and the time underground.


from 4 pers: 37 €

from 8 pers: 35